Online option:

If you are unable to attend our in-person Driver’s Education class, you can take a Driver’s Ed class online. We recommend   as the best online Driver’s Education class we’ve been able to find. We are not affiliated with, sponsored by, or associated with them. But we have found they have a quality product.

Payment assistance:

All driving lessons must be paid for before or at the time of the lesson.  You can pay with credit card via our website using your unique login and password or by calling our office to relay credit card information over the phone.  We do contract with some government agencies to provide payment for their qualified clients under their programs.  Our staff can point you toward some resources that can help you afford driving lessons.

Road rage responses:

We came across this resource page regarding road rage and your best responses to it.  It is a valuable read. Road Rage Article

PDF Resources:

Parent-Teen Training Guide

Pre-Test Lesson