Here are some quick tips and resources for parents and teens looking into permits, driver’s license requirements, and driving school. Some questions may be addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Parent Tips

Even if you are using a different driving school, you can call Roadrunner Driving School for information. If you have questions you need help with now, call 546-3238, state the question and your number, and an instructor will return your call as soon as possible.

  • For safety, begin with the car in a position where the new driver does not have to back up. Backing out of the garage the first time the student is driving the car is not recommended.
  • At the beginning of the first driving lesson, your child will be shown how to properly adjust the seat, steering wheel and rear view and side mirrors. They will be shown exactly where the blind spot is. Be sure you do these things together when your “new driver” gets into your car.
  • Have you student point to items on the control panel: speedometer, tachometer(if so equipped) temperature gauge(describe normal/overheat readings), dummy lights(oil, alternator, check engine, maintenance, etc.)and parking brake light. Have them locate and demonstrate use of the gear shift lever, hazard lights, turn signal, wiper controls, defroster(front and rear), parking brake, sun visor, power windows and door locks.
  • Have the student point to and explain the positions on the ignition switch: LOCK, ACC, ON, START. Confirm the gear shift is in PARK, or NEUTRAL for a stick shift, and the parking brake is set.
  • Be sure the student’s right foot is pressing on the brake. Have them turn the key to the ON position so they can see the lights on the control panel. Then turn the key to the START position. Release the key as soon as the engine turns over. The brake pedal should depress slightly when the engine starts.
  • Once in gear, start very slowly. The student needs to get use to the feel of the brake and gas in your car before getting into traffic.