Roadrunner Driving School offers teen and adult driver training, brush-ups, and evaluations.

In-person Driver’s Education

We use an accomplishment-based curriculum that ensures new drivers know the road rules critical for success on the CA DMV permit test. Classes are held in our classroom at our Farmers Lane location, right across from Montgomery Village. Our 4-day course uses a variety of teaching styles and techniques, to ensure that all styles of learner will be on the path to success.

Driver Training

Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training is a service where we take you out in our vehicles and teach you how to drive. We offer this service to teens older than 15 ½ years old, as well as adults.


Behind-the-Wheel for Teens:

Prospective teen drivers will need to have a driving permit in order to take Behind-the-Wheel courses. In fact, once you get your permit, you will need to complete a first lesson with a driving instructor in order for them to sign your permit and make it legal for you to then practice driving with anyone else.


Teen drivers will need to do 3 lessons in total with a driving instructor.


Lesson #1

The basics of operating a vehicle, as well as general introduction to roadways. After this lesson, the instructor will sign your permit.


Lesson #2 (Recommended 6-8 weeks after the first lesson)

A student should have practiced at least 10 hours total before lesson 2. Lesson 2 will typically have our instructors teaching freeway driving, some rural driving, and parallel parking.


Lesson #3 (Recommended 10-14 days before your DMV test)

This lesson is essentially test preparation. Where we strive to get you as ready as possible for your test, and driving on your own afterward.


Behind-the-Wheel for Adults:


Whether you are going for your license for the first time as an adult, need to renew your license, are new to the country or state, or many, many other reasons, we offer Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training for adults.


You will need to have either a driving permit, a California driver’s license, or a valid international drivers license in order to take Behind-the-Wheel courses.


We are attempting to run an ethically focused service company.  If you enroll with us and never schedule an appointment or never attend the class, you can expect to have your funds returned politely and within a reasonable time of your request.  Please call us if this is your situation.

If you attend any portion of Drivers Education you are welcome to attend any future scheduled classes and study hall sessions to complete your education and prepare for your permit test.  We don’t quit on you, please don’t quit on us.  No refunds will be given on unused portions of the classroom instruction once you have begun attending.

If you test positive for COVID or have been exposed to someone who is positive for COVID, please call us as soon as possible.  If you wake up sick on the day of your lesson, please call us as soon as possible.  We will reschedule your appointments without charge.  It is important we do not risk becoming a vector for contagious diseases.

If you need to miss or cancel a behind the wheel lesson, please understand that if less than 24 hours notice is given, we are still going to pay our instructor for being ready to conduct that training.  As such, we normally will charge half of the cost of the lesson and require payment of this missed appointment fee prior to rescheduling your next appointment.  If your reason for missing the lesson is an emergency, we may waive the cancellation fee.