Driver Education

We provide Drivers Education for teenagers under the age of 18 at our classroom on the west side of Farmers Lane, across from Montgomery Village. Each class is 4 days, from 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Makeup days are available for students who cannot complete the course due to illness, or a family emergency, but if a class is full, a return student may have to wait for a class in which a seat is available. Check your school, work, vacation and personal appointment calendars before enrolling.

Learning to drive is exciting, but also a tremendous responsibility for teens and parents. Both parties must set aside the required time to complete these important courses and associated training(50 hours driving with parent/guardian). The discipline and effort required to complete the licensing process is a teen’s first step toward recognizing the importance of safe driving, the consequences of being unprepared or irresponsible, and the value of the driving privilege they work so hard to earn. Start out right by making a commitment to the training.

*All classes: No headsets, cell phone activity or napping. Poor behavior or attitude is unacceptable on the road, or in this class and is cause for ejection at the discretion of the instructor. No refunds, no exceptions.

After you’ve completed Driver Education (and are at least 15 1/2), you will be eligible to take the DMV written test to get a Learner’s Permit. We recommend that you wait until you have passed the test before scheduling your first driving lesson. If you schedule Driver Training before getting a permit, you must pay for the lesson at the time of scheduling.